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Laptop Battery Review of's Max Capacity replacement battery

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There is nothing out there that can perform this good at this price range

We all use our laptops wherever we want, thatís a fact. They are made to be mobile and work away from the plug. But weíll all face that time when we could use a little bit more of juice, either because the battery is worn off, old, or because it just doesnít provide enough capacity.

Fortunately thereís a new player in the Laptop Battery game, SafeBatteries.

SafeBatteries uses Max Capacity technology in their batteries, and they are GOOD! Here is what they have to say:

"We designed our Max Capacity battery brand to appeal to the typical Amazon customer that was disappointed by the poor performance and short service life of these replacements. Our goal was to deliver real OEM quality and performance at a very compelling price. We believe we have surpassed that goal by delivering an elite laptop battery that performs significantly better than most OEM's!"

Store 30% to 50% more energy than standard OEM

Using advanced Panasonic Lithium-Ion cells, not just some ordinary cheap ones, they provide batteries that claim to store 30% to 50% more energy than standard OEM, and that these batteries will last for longer, by performing well over 300 charge cycles.

Iíve received a test unit for my BatteryCare workhorse laptop. This laptop came originally with a 6 cell battery, rated 4400mAh of capacity. In mint condition, this battery would last for around 2 hours, 2h15 at best.

Provides 1 extra hour for the same number of cells

Lately Iíve been using a 9 cell OEM battery (7800mAh) which I bought in a retail store at eBay and with this battery, at the time it was new, I could get a bit over 3 hours. Not bad.

However, when I first installed the Max Capacity 9 cell battery (rated 8700mAh!) I was stunned by the time I managed to use the laptop from 100% all the way down to suspend at 5%. I used it for more than 4 hours. Amazing right? It doubles the amount of time I got from the 6 cell battery and provides 1 extra hour for the same number of cells as my last one.

After 60 charge cycles and 3 calibrations, wear level is still reporting very low (<5%), so I assume that the claimed over 60% more lifetime can be easily achieved.

BatteryCare reports over 4hours with SafeBatteries MaxCapacity battery

I seriously recommend you to try this new kind of battery tech from SafeBatteries

Overall I was amazed by the amount of energy this thing can hold, SafeBatteries did a great job here. It gave my old laptop a new life!

If you consider the price vs. performance, you are facing a true winner combination because there is nothing out there that can perform this good at this price range.

As an experienced user in the Laptop Battery domain I seriously recommend you to try this new kind of battery tech from SafeBatteries.

So if you are are in need of a replacement Dell Laptop Battery, HP Laptop Battery, Asus Battery, Toshiba Battery or Acer Battery I recommend Even if you can't find your model on their website, they can build a custom battery for you.

Filipe LourenÁo
BatteryCare Author


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